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Coming back to yourSelf
Aliveness, Worthiness & Wholeness


Hi, I am Phuong Thao. I'm so happy you're here. 

I am a Post Traumatic coach & guide supporting womxn reconnect to their aliveness,

worthiness, wholeness, self-trust, joy, freedom, and choice after trauma.


I believe we all have the capacity to heal, reconnect to our blueprint of health, 

rebloom, and come back to ourselves after trauma.


Post-traumatic growth is possible.

For more than two decades, I have been under a trauma spell (coined by Rachael Maddox). I looked for love from unhealthy people, overriding my no's and intuition,  been in toxic relationships, sexual assaults, struggled with self-rejection, feelings of worthlessness, shame, hopelessness, fear of abandonment and disconnecting from my body.


Today, on my uncaged path where I'm more connected to myself-- mind, body, & voice. Feeling the most free, alive & worthy. Joy and self-trust are possible. Continuing to evolve as trauma resolves.


To learn more, read my story here.

What does this word, "trauma" mean?

For some, trauma may seem like a scary word. Perhaps you may feel the word is foreign or doesn't apply.


Truth is everyone has experienced some level of trauma.


According to my trauma teacher, Rachael Maddox, a trauma spell is an "embodied violation hangover....something that happens too much, too fast without your consent."  In other words, trauma happens when our nervous system is unable to cope with what happened and the undischarged energy gets stuck in our nervous system, our bodies like a memory. 

This knowledge opened a portal of possibility.

After being in traditional therapy for years, I thought talking about past traumas and processing cognitively would help. To some degree, it did and yet I was still triggered by present day situations and unconsciously reacting. 


For some time, I felt broken, as if something was wrong with me. I was receiving cognitive help, why am I still reacting unconsciously with habitual patterns?


Then in the past year, I discovered the missing complementary piece: body-based practice to resolve trauma at the physiological level. Body-based, bottom up approach combined with cognitive, top down approach.


With a transformative tool combining the cognitive & body-based,

Rachael Maddox's ReBloom Model of reconnecting to our Blueprint of Health--

Worthiness & Receptivity, Sovereignty, Whole Self Expression, Clarity & Choice,

Vitality & Empowered Safety. 

This was such a liberating moment to realize that there is nothing wrong with me because trauma not only leaves an imprint at the subconscious level, it also gets stuck at the body level. Something I learned during a trauma-informed yoga training is: "issues in the tissues." 


I know it can be challenging to be present and show up as your whole self when we've experienced trauma. There may be times you have found yourself in the past.


Have you felt stuck or frustrated at finding yourself in similar situations, habitual patterns, unconsciously reacting?


Perhaps, you found yourself running away from and/or avoiding conflict time and time again.

Does the thought of setting boundaries make you feel frozen, scared, anxious?

Maybe you feel disconnected, disassociated from your body or no longer trust yourself or your body.

Were you shamed or made to feel wrong for being who you are resulting in dimming, hiding or rejecting parts of who you are?

Perhaps, you are tired of over giving, overworking, feeling overwhelmed, depleted, anxious, or depressed.

Your mind may be looping in negative thoughts & stories.

Perhaps you feel in your bones there is a better way.....

more joy, love, choice, confidence, self-trust, freedom, self-expression,

reconnecting to your aliveness & worthiness.

You are not alone.

Imagine yourself uncaged from what holds you back, free of fear, free of


shame, free of judgment, free of comparison, free of limiting beliefs


reclaiming your whole, embodied self.

"When we first connected, I was only beginning to become more aware of the lack of boundaries in my life. I was sensing a lot of frustration in my interactions with family and close friends, and felt a dissonance between what my emotional response to a situation was and my "logical" response. I wanted to understand where the dissonance was coming from and how to create more peace and less emotional turmoil for myself. The biggest change I noticed in myself is that I am no longer afraid to really face and bring light to parts of myself that need more care and attention. I feel myself not only being more authentic and genuine with others, but with myself as well. I have seen myself stop reacting to situations; instead, I now pause before responding. More than giving other people space in my relationships, I am learning to give myself space to take a deep breathe, tune into myself, and respond in a way which allows me to heal and grow. Thank you so much for being a part of my journey and not only holding space for me, but empowering me to hold space for myself. You have been an incredible teacher and resource and I am so grateful for this experience. You are a warm, bright light on the sometimes dark and windy path of healing. I hope others choose to also experience your warmth and light as they embark or continue along their own journey."




Bhavya Jha, Business Immigration Analyst



There is no pushing/forcing/overriding.


I am here to meet you where you are and honor your process on this journey to yourSelf.


Supporting you in reconnecting to

your aliveness & worthiness. 


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